Maggie Mehaffey

Jewelry Artist/Instructor

  Maggie Mehaffey,  Rowley, MA

Maggie Mehaffey, Rowley, MA

I have taught jewelry and metalsmithing classes at The Riverwalk Gallery since it opened.  Little did I know ten years ago when I walked through those doors, how my life was about to change. I didn't know then how much I would love teaching. Figuring out how to adapt my lessons to different learning styles forces me to slow down and really think about process and communication. Over the years, and hundreds of students later, my class matter has evolved and kept pace with my own acquisition of skills: beginning with wire work, and quickly moving into metalwork and soldering. Jewelry and metal-smithing for me is a lifelong challenge with endless possibilities. I am a visual and hands-on, self-taught learner, driven to figure out how to fabricate, but also to design in context with the limitations of the material, pushing the limits of my skills (and my tool collection.) I learn from a wealth of internet resources on jewelry techniques, from websites, and videos and artists groups. But I really learn best by doing. My studio is my laboratory, where I get my hands dirty, make mistakes and try again. 

In metal work, mastery comes only after years of practice, but it's more the journey, than the outcome that's important, and that makes it accessible at any level. I believe the need to be creative is the core of our humanity. We all need to practice something that thrills us, almost as much as we need to eat, drink and sleep. My goal is to entice others into the fun of hands-on exploration and play, challenging, growing and learning how to make beautiful things! 


Jewelry Artist

     Kathleen Langone     Middleton, MA

   Kathleen Langone
   Middleton, MA

Kathleen Langone, based in Middleton, MA, is a jewelry artist who makes colorful and delicate necklaces, bracelets and earrings with gemstones selected for their metaphysical properties. She is an expert on gemology and her pieces are of extraordinarily high quality. Her selection and arrangement of stones in each piece gives it particular meaning and influence. You are invited to see her collection at the shop!
Kathleen will also accept commissions for custom work and will help you design a necklace, bracelet or earrings for a special occasion, such as a wedding, or a very personal gift. 




Nature is my largest influence and inspiration.  I have been studying nature since childhood and now I strive to bring my unique view of the natural world to others through my artwork. 

Wendy W headshot.jpg

My 2D artwork is usually filled with nature as my subject. I work in acrylic paint, watercolor, graphite pencil and mixed media... and my first love is photography, so most of my work is based on my photos either for reference or inspiration. 

All my jewelry is handcrafted and hand-fabricated with my two hands using Sterling Silver, 18k Gold and occasionally Copper. I choose all of my gemstones carefully, selecting stones for their unique characteristics. Sometimes I work with lapidary artists to cut stones specific to my designs. I tend to use a wide variety of semi-precious stones, but do occasionally add some sparkle with diamonds and other precious stones. 

Roger Cramer

Pottery Artist

  Roger Crame  r , Amesbury, MA

Roger Cramer, Amesbury, MA

Pottery as metaphor has also been a rich gate of spiritual inquiry for me.  Shortly after meeting Bud Wilkinson, I had a crash course in pottery with Richard Lafean, studied with Nancy Joy at the Corcoran School in Washington D.C. and took a year of courses at the School of the Chicago Art Institute. After moving to Columbia, Maryland in 1972, I worked as a part-time studio potter and made clay throwing bodies for local potters. Since then I have continued to study at workshops with some amazing artists: Jim Kempes at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, Wayne Higby and Stewart Kastenbaum at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts  in Maine, Jim Romberg and Biz Littell at Laloba Ranch in Colorado and lately with Steven Hill. 

My life as a potter has evolved on a part-time basis alongside my primary work for 38 years as an Episcopal priest. In 2005, after 28 years in parish ministry at St. Paul’s Church in Newburyport, Massachusetts, I retired from parish ministry to spend my time working with clay and making beautiful things.

Heather Crowley

Watercolor Artist

  Heather Crowley   E. Kingston, NH

Heather Crowley

E. Kingston, NH

Art has always been an integral part of my life even though I am not formally educated in fine arts with the exception of a few introductory art courses in college. As a child I was surrounded by an environment enriched with the arts.  My childhood was spent amidst easels, paint brushes and turpentine while my mother taught art classes for drawing and multiple other media out of my childhood home.   You could say I lived and breathed art as a young girl and that as a result painting and drawing feels somewhat second nature to me. 

Instead of art, I pursued a career in medicine and chose pathology as my specialty. I realize now that was probably in large part due to the beautiful visual world under the microscope that I would get to experience on a daily basis. After a growing sense of living an unfulfilled life, in 2009 I left the private practice I had been in for the past six years to pursue a part time position elsewhere which would provide more space in my life to explore my creative path. I’m rediscovering a part of myself that I’d put on hold for a long period.

So far, I’ve found that the process instead of the final product has been a way to reach a meditative, peaceful state. I find inspiration in my gardens, nature and my imagination.  Through my brush I attempt to explore the natural and mystical world and to capture the spirit of the subject I am painting.  I believe the only way to truly know nature and in turn ourselves is to study it, contemplate it, explore each exquisite detail and only then finally, truly recognize it. This I attempt through my art.

I’d like the viewer to smell the bee balm, feel the winter wind on their skin and see the butterfly fly right off the page. Our modern lives have become so overfilled with technology and multitasking that we seem to take for granted the beauty that is all around us. I hope these images will help to remind us and reawaken us to that beauty.

  Zelda Hotaling , Castleton, NY

Zelda Hotaling, Castleton, NY

Zelda Hotaling

Native American Drum Maker & Storyteller

As a Teacher of Natural Ways raised in the Native American Traditions, Mohawk of the Haudenosaunee, I have been a drum maker and storyteller since 1992.  I share with others how to recycle the fibers of the earth to create drums, rattles, personal shields, capes and more.  When creating a custom piece, I talk with you and then through dreams and prayer your special piece is created.




I offer many modalities for healing and transformation through workshops, personal guidance and creation of your drum, personal shield, rattle or mask, as well as offering individual healing sessions  by phone or in person. I trust that you will find something that “calls” you to a deeper connection with your spiritual self.