Healing Gemstones for Beginners 9/23/18


Healing Gemstones for Beginners 9/23/18


Crystals, gemstones, rocks, & minerals are one of the Earth's greatest gifts to us, not only for their physical beauty, but also for the incredible healing powers they each contain on an energetic level. Once you learn how to incorporate them into your life, you will notice some wonderful changes & benefits.

Each gemstone has its own unique healing property. They are capable of diffusing or deterring negative energies, aid in focusing, help in directing energy in specific ways, amplifying energies, purifying spaces, energy clearing, energy absorbing, protecting, as well as transmitting different waves of healing energy.

We will focus on the metaphysical aspects & basics of crystal healing in this workshop; focusing on a few particularly powerful & potent stones, the way they correlate with our chakras, & some meditation methods that can be supplemented with the use of healing stones. 

This workshop is led by Kathleen Langone and Carolyn Ramm. Kathleen is a trained geologist and jewelry artist who chooses stones for her designs based on their metaphysical properties. Carolyn is the owner of the Riverwalk Gallery and has years of experience working with gemstones, crystals and minerals.. Join us to learn more! 

Sun. September 23, 4 - 6 pm

No experience necessary, all are welcome. 
Price: $30
limit to 8 attendees

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